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                                                                      NIMISHA JAYANT MADHVANI



·         November 2018 to-date Ambassador to the Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden resident in COPENHAGEN.


·         Ambassador of Uganda to United Arab Emirates and Permanent Delegate to IRENA, Abu Dhabi, UAE from August 2017 to November 2018 -


·         October 9 ,2018 received National medal in recognition of her service as the country celebrates 56 Independence Day anniversary. Received the Golden Jubilee Medal for her contribution to the liberation struggles in Uganda and Africa.


·         October 31 - November 2, 2017 - Hosted HE, the President in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and arranged high level meetings with His Highness, the Crown Prince, Head of the United Arab Armed Forces and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness, Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum and the Minister of Happiness, Chairperson of Dubai Ports and the Private Sector of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


·         Initiated the Signing of the Bilateral Double Taxation Treaty between Uganda and the UAE


·         November, 2017 - Hosted first ever investment conference in Dubai between HE President Museveni and the Dubai U.S.A. Chamber of Commerce and Indian Business Professionals Association in Dubai at Ritz Carlton, Dubai.


·         October 9th-10th 2017 - Hosted the first ever Uganda Convention and celebrated Uganda's Independence Day in Dubai with the Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament, Honourable Rebecca Kadaga, and the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament with the Ministers of State of Foreign Affairs, Honourable Okello Oryem and the Trade Minister Honourable Michael Werikhe


·         Accompanied and arranged for a 64 member of Private Sector business delegation with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and representative of High Highness the Emir of Sharjah to Uganda - Dec 4th, 2017.


·         Accompanied the Special Envoy of the Emir of Sharjah Mr. Sheikh Abdullah Al Oweis to meet with HE the President to establish Vocational Training Institute for Ugandan's in Uganda as a gift from the Sharjah Emir to Uganda.


·         January 2018 - Arranged for private sector meeting with Al Rawabi, the largest Dairy Company in the U.A.E. for meetings in Uganda and with HE, the President to invest in Dairy and Meat production in Uganda- Approximately US $90 Million.


·         Jan to April 2018 - Responsible for Uganda's participation in EXPO 2020 in Dubai.


·         Visit to EXPO 2020 sites - Ensured the high-level visits to the site with Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kampala, Parliamentary Budget Committee and Public Policy Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


·         Ugandans in the Diaspora


·         Raising funds for renewable energy for Uganda's Clean Energy Development Program


·         Promoting investments to Uganda with the Arab Business Community


·         Promoting Sports (especially Football between the U.A.E. and Uganda) and seeking financial support from the U.A.E. government to build a Sports Complex in Uganda.


·         Strengthening further the bilateral relationship between the two countries.


·         June 2018 - Participated with Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, Princess Ann in the U.K. to help raise Bursaries for girl’s education from under privileged background to access top educational schools, such as Benenden, Kent in the U.K. without bias. 


October 2013 February 2017 Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda Paris, France, Spain, Portugal and Permanent Delegate to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and development (OECD) and Bureau of International Exhibitions (BIE).


·         Work closely with Multilateral Organisations such as the World Bank, OECD, UNESCO, AFD (Agence France de Development) and ensuring their increased funding for Uganda projects for development.


·         Work with Agency France de Development (AFD) to increase cheaper lending for infrastructure, agricultural and environmental projects in Uganda from €75 million 2013 to €250 million to-date, 2013 - 2016.


·         BIE - Bureau of International Exhibitions as Permanent Delegate – Uganda votes for Expositions such as EXPO 2020 Dubai, EXPO 2017 Kazakhstan for Energy in Africa amongst others.


·         Secured for first time in this tenure bilateral meeting between the present French President Hollande and President Museveni scheduled for September 2016.


·         2017 - Working closing with France and Campus Africa to secure French scholarship for scholars conducted in English for Ugandans for master’s degree.


·         2013 - 2016 - Working closely with Ministry of Energy Officials - Total France Oil and Gas to ensure smooth transactions in the implementation of heated Oil pipeline - Hoima - Tanga for Oil export.


·         From 2013 to-date in France and the countries of accreditation we have initiated and successfully welcomed Ugandan delegations, Minister of Tourism for Kibaale Forest, Bwindi, UNESCO for rebuilding Kasubi Tombs, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Vice President, CMI for counter-terrorism and working with Interpol Ministerial Delegations from Finance, Tourism for the Kibale Natural Reserve, Health for WHO and UNESCO, Education for UNESCO.


·         August 2015 - Members from UCC and Telecommunications and ICT to Barcelona, Spain


·         November/December 2015 - H.E. the Vice President represented H.E. the President at COP 21 accompanied by the Minister of Water and Environment in Paris and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Oryem Henry Okello and 7 Members of Parliament headed by Hon. Cecilia Ogwal.


·         Worked and continue working with the Uganda teams to ensure passage of various trade Acts such as AGOA 1997 in USA, India-Africa Trade for 84 products and EBA with Europe which benefit Uganda. 


·         1993 to-date - I have focused on increasing trade, investment and tourism to Uganda from my countries of accreditation, as well as others even where not accredited.


·         Secured meeting with Total in 2106 to Boost Local Industry to access to education and employment for Ugandans with MIT (USA).


·         Ensured Uganda signed the India-French International Solar Alliance of US$1000 billion on investments needed by 2030 to deploy affordable Solar Energy to African countries and the world.  Uganda is to benefit with technical training and development of Solar City in Northern Uganda and Hoima.  This was during COP 21 - December 2015.


·         2015/2016 - Convinced French Film Director Pascal Plisson to film “Le Grand Jour” in Uganda – First ever French Film for Uganda showcasing Peace, Stability and Tourism. Queen Elizabeth National Park instead of Kenya. It is the first time ever that a positive tourism and educational promotion film on Uganda has been produced in Uganda at the initiative of the Head of Mission and Embassy - € 2million (Euros) was spent in Uganda using Uganda hotels, local services and employing all Ugandan actors (21) with UWA.  The film was launched by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister March 4, 2016 in Acacia Mall, Kampala.  It has been shown in Millan, Canada, Cuba, USA, France.


·         October 2013 - Hosted the Uganda delegation which was led by the Hon. Minister of Education and Sports, Members of Parliament, the Deputy Secretary General (productive and social sectors) – East African Community for the 37th Session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris.


·         December 2013 Hosted H.E. the President of Uganda at the Elysée Summit for Peace and Security in Africa, attended also Hon. Oryem Henry Okello, met the Diaspora in France for the first time.


·         April2015 – Successfully invited Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development as Speaker for the French Africa Finance Ministerial Paris.


·         Responsible for promoting investment and tourism in Uganda at the                                  1st China/France/Africa Forum with the President of Croissance Peace,                              Mr. Emanuely Ludovic in February 2014 at Uganda Embassy, Paris.


·         March 2014 - Hosted the Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda and members of Parliament for the Parliamentary Assembly of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States, Meeting at its 35th Session in Strasbourg, France.


·         April2015 – Hosted Hon. Maria Mutagamba, Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities for Kibaale National Environmental Forest and raised €4million for Kibaale through AFD to protect the Chimpanzees.


·         Hosted Hon. Betty Bigombe, Minister of State for Water and Environment who was accompanied by Dir. Christopher Ebal, Chairman of National Water and Sewerage Corporation Board and Mr. Silver Mugisha, Managing Director National Water and Sewerage Corporation to attend the Water and Sewerage Conference in Paris, in April 2014.



2006 - 2013 - High Commission of the Republic to Uganda – New Delhi India


Uganda High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda New Delhi, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives and pending credential presentation to Myanmar and Bhutan - May 2006 - September 2013.


·         Responsible for promoting investment into Uganda from India and accredited countries.  Initiated FICCI, ASSOCHAM, CII Conclaves to Uganda


·         Continuing to raise India’s increasing positive perspective on post-Idi Amin Uganda through Indian Ministerial visits to Uganda, thereby developing increased investment in such areas as IT, Agriculture, Power, Trade, Tourism and Industry and strengthening relationships with the NRI (None Resident India) community in Uganda


·         Encouraged the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to convene its regional investment in Uganda in June 2006, which was led by the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, and previously in 1995 from DAVOS, WEF


·         Encouraged the Indian government to participate in the CHOGM in Uganda at the Prime Ministerial Level.  Uganda successfully negotiated Africa Union’s support for the Indian candidate to head the Commonwealth Secretariat in return for India’s support for an African Seat at UNSC.


·         FICCI convened its East African Investment Seminar in Uganda August 2011.


·         Represented Uganda before Indian Financial Institutions such as EXIM Bank of India, Industrial Development Bank of India and successfully sought funding of $450 million for the key economic infrastructure sector of power and agriculture.


·         Secured Agro-Business Processing Incubation centre to be established in Uganda.


·         Secured Hole in the Wall Education Centre in four rural areas of Uganda through IT with India.


·         Ensured and established Ugandans received excellent medical care in India and Medical Analysis Centre at Mulago with Apollo in India.


·         2006 - 2013 - I have played a key role in securing funds and scholarships for Ugandans whilst in India, Malaysia and Thailand.


·         2013 – I have played a key role in securing UK, Aga Khan Funds and scholarships for Ugandans before being posted to France.


·         Continuing to promote high level Ugandan Ministerial visits to India, including a working visit by H.E. President Museveni of Uganda in 2008.


·         Ensured the State Visit of H.E., the President to India 2007, Thailand 2013, Singapore 2007 and Sri Lanka 2012 during my assignment in India.


·         Ensured State visits of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Thailand and H.E. the President of the Republic of Sri Lanka to Uganda.  The present Prime Minister of India came to Uganda as Chief Minister of Gujarat, India as invited by His Excellency the President after the Mabira Riots.


·         Secured Foreign Trade Institute from India to be established in Uganda.


Secured the Sri Lanka Government gift of $1.1 million to Uganda for the Vocational Training School established in Wakiso District 2014.


·         Fostering Uganda’s relationship with the public and the private sectors in key Asian countries.  Developed strong relationship with Singapore and Malaysia, including


(i)                 2007 - Secured Official State Visit by H.E. President Museveni and his delegation with the Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia and the President of India.


(ii)              2007 - enhanced discussions on the setting up of IT parks in Uganda and regarding technical cooperation for the beautification of Kampala for CHOGM and Smart Partnerships.


·         Encouraged with dialogue the implementation of the Singapore Africa Business Forum 2013.


·         Encouraged and secured Inward Singapore Business Delegation to Uganda December 2010 and again in December 2012 - for co-operation.


·         Encouraged establishment of Indonesian/African Business Forum 2010 for Agriculture and Security.


·         Helped to secure India’s vote for Ugandans’ candidate at the ICJ (International Court of Justice) 2011 through the UN.


·         2010 – Secured Chief Member of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi’s visit to Uganda now Prime Minister of India.


·         April 2008 secured State Visits of H.E. the President of Uganda in India, Sri Lanka July 2013 and Malaysia 2010, Thailand November 2013 and return visits of Sri Lanka, Thailand in Uganda.


·         Strengthening bilateral relations with all accredited countries with Uganda.


Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, Washington DC, First Secretary/ Deputy Ambassador, Commercial and Public Relations: 1993 - 2006


·         Promote Uganda with US Corporations, International Financial Institutions and US Government in connection with debt relief, capital flows to Africa, passage of AGOA and higher awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and diabetes.


·         Represented Uganda with International Financial Institutions, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, International Finance Corporation and African Development Bank.


·         Secured invitations for H.E the President in various international fora such as; President Museveni was the first East African President ever invited to speak at the Think Tank of the World Economic Forum in Davos on the paper of the Competitiveness for Africa by Professor Sachs of Harvard in 1995 and 1996.

His Excellency, show-cased the rebirth of Uganda; Uganda’s investment opportunities to re-ignite the economy of the new Uganda under H.E.’s visionary leadership focusing on Uganda’s agriculture sector especially Coffee processing, sugar processing, infrastructure opportunities.  H.E. the President spoke about Africa’s global competitiveness in response to Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard University’s paper and other think tankers in Davos - to put Africa on the radars of participants, Captains of Industry and global country leaders.


·         1995 in DAVOS at WEF due to the non-factual report of Africa’s Competitiveness by Professor Sachs immediately invited Professor Jeffrey Sachs to Uganda to obtain accurate data on Uganda and Africa and correct his competitiveness report with H.E. the President and UMA.


·         Sought financing for economic infrastructure projects such as water development, sanitation, roads, health and education, as well as for private industrial development.


·         1995 - Initiated H.E. the President’s Invitation to the World Forum in Davos as the First East African President ever to be invited to the World Economic Forum.


·         1994 - Secured official visit with President Menem of Argentina for investment program with Global Action in Investment to strengthen South/South Cooperation in Dairy for H.E. President Museveni.


·         Successfully helped raise over US$900 million for infrastructure and private sector in company with relevant Ministerial delegations with France officials in Washington for Energy Projects 1996.


·         Developed coordinated and maintained Ugandan government contact with US Congress. Department of State, USAID, etc. go promote and lobby for the passage of AGOA, I, II and now AGOA III as well as HIPC debt relief 1997 and assistance for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Diabetes and education funds for children and universities.


·         Developed relations with travel agents for tour operators throughout the US and share Uganda’s eco-tourism opportunities - Gorilla – tracking.  Murchison Falls, the Nile, the Mountain of the Moon, etc. and encourage US private sector investment in tourism, including working closely with the Discovery Channel since the Presidential Tour.


·         Raise awareness of Ugandan trade and investment opportunities among regional organisations such as EAC, COMESA, and now EAU through investment promotion.


·         Presented Ugandan investment opportunities at programs in Washington DC, Uganda’s North American Association in Los Angeles, Little Rock in Arkansas, the Young President’s Association, the Orlando economic development organisation, etc.


·         Presented Uganda’s hospitality sector opportunities at the International Hoteliers conference with the Intercontinental Group of Hotels in Atlanta – September 2003.


·         Represented Uganda at the Africa Private Sector Forum at the Africa Union in July 22-23, 2010, Kampala, Uganda.


·         Ensured the visit of President Bill Clinton to Uganda in 1997.


·         Worked closely with the World Bank/IMF and the Uganda Finance Ministry Officials to ensure Uganda qualified for Debt Relief - 1997.


·         Ensured the visit of President George Bush Junior to Uganda and that Uganda was a recipient of the Global Aids Programme under USAID.


Promote Uganda with Private Sector Investors:


·         Initiated visits by trade delegations from countries such as US, UK, Switzerland, Argentina and India to Uganda.


Represented Uganda with President Clinton in Gujarat at the time of the earthquake.  The White House Office of the South Asian Pacific Islanders invited me in my capacity as a Ugandan Asian in February 2001.


·         Presented Uganda investment opportunities in Shanghai with New York’s Asia Society’s in November 1999.


·         Initiated Uganda Investment Conference in such venues as Washington, Dallas, Dayton and Cleverland, Ohio, Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, Bombay and Ahmedabad, India, Argentina.


·         Regularly met with and speak before private financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry representatives to promote investment in Uganda.


·         Presented Ugandan Investment opportunities at programs in Washington DC, Uganda’s North American Association in Los Angeles, Little Rock in Arkansas, the Young President’s Association, the Orlando Economic Development Organization, etc.


·         Working with the Uganda team to ensure passage of various trade Acts such as AGOA, India-Africa Trade for 84 products and EBA with Europe which benefit Uganda.


·         1994 introduced HE President Museveni in Washington DC to U.K. Medals Organisation with Mr. Steven Dix to establish the Honours and Medals Ceremony in recognition of esteemed people in Uganda and around the world contributing to the re-building of Uganda including those who liberated Uganda. This was to be implemented by Honourable Kategaya Eriya.


Develop Ugandan Relationship with Non-Governmental Organisation


·         Secured educational assistance from the Population Institute and the United Nations Development Program for famine relief and family planning.


·         Represented Uganda at the International Forum of the Hunger Project to develop agricultural policies and to seek technical assistance to eradicate hunger.


·         Assisted the First Lady of Uganda to raise awareness/funding for AIDS orphans by arranging for the First Lady’s keynote addresses at such Conferences as Hands of Hope and at Listen to Africa to raise funds for UNESCO – Uganda Women’s Efforts to Save Orphans, in Mumbai to receive the Prya Darshani award for outstanding humanitarian work.


·         Worked with UK’s Lady Noon and ‘Plan International’ to raise Uganda’s AIDS orphan’s awareness with Mrs. Boatang and Mrs. Prescott.


Foster High Level Contacts for Ugandan Leadership


·         Secured invitation for Ugandan President to be keynote speaker before prominent international forums such as the World Economic Forum (Switzerland) Confederation of Indian Industry, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. and to meet with Heads of State and leading industrialists of countries such as Switzerland, India, UK, USA, etc.


·         Focused on increasing trade, investment and tourism to Uganda from my countries of accreditation, as well as others even when not accredited, 1993 to-date.


·         Secured invitations for H.E the President in various international fora such as; President Museveni was the first East African President ever invited to speak at


Speaking around the US on Investment Promotion for Uganda


·         African American Business Alliance

·         Corporate Council for Africa

·         Constituency for Africa

·         US Chambers of Commerce – Arkansas, Los Angeles, Chicago

·         Young President’s Organisation in Arizona

·         International Finance Corporation on the Private Sector

·         US/Pakistan Chamber of Commerce


Uganda Investment Authority, Kampala Public Relations liaison 1992 – 1993


Emco Glass Works Nairobi Kenya 1980 – 1982


Internavigations Ltd, London, England Marketing Representative – 1983 – 1988


Secured shipping partner for cargo transport to Uganda.  Solicited cargo shipments from Europe to Uganda, coordinated contacts with UK officials and Chambers of Commerce.


Singara Tea Estate, Coonor, India, Public Relations/Marketing coordinator                  1979 – 1980.


1993 - 2016 Working with the Diaspora in various Postings


·         I worked closely with the Diaspora in Washington in 1993 onwards to the establishment of UNAA with colleagues now with Europe.


·         In India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore worked closely with Ugandan Students


·         In the UK I worked closely with Uganda UK Convention - even though not based in the UK - working with Ugandan Asians.


·         Work closely with Ugandans in the French Diaspora mostly students and Professionals in UNESCO


Posted to France accredited to Spain, Portugal, UNESCO, OECD and BIE


Presented Credentials in France December 2013


Presented Credentials to the following countries - Accredited as High Commissioner of Uganda and Ambassador to the non-Commonwealth Countries


·         Bangladesh           -           January 15, 2009

·         Malaysia               -           February 5, 2009

·         Sri Lanka            -             May 26, 2009

·         Indonesia              -           June 19, 2009

·         Maldives               -           October 27, 2009

·         Singapore             -            October 29, 2009

·         Thailand                -           April 2012

·         Myanmar               -          Pending

·         Bhutan                  -           Pending




Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, BA, Political Science/Economics, 1978


Benenden School, Kent, England, completed Ordinary and Advanced Levels  1963 - 1974


Riddlesworth Hall School for Girls, Norfolk, UK passed common entrance at B Plus 1963 - 1968


Languages:  Fluent English, Gujarati, Kiswahili, proficient in French and German and understand some Spanish.




·         Work closely with the Princess Royal, HRH Princess Ann to help establish Bursaries for Girls from under privileged background to access high level education

·         Member of the Women in International Trade and established the Africa Chapter

·         Member of the US Women’s Foreign Policy Group in Washington DC

·         Member of the Indian/American CEO in Washington DC area

·         Extensive charity work from 1980 – 1992.  Raise more than one million pounds for Save of the Children, African Wildlife Fund, Jaipur Foot Project and Disabled of Kenya

·         Created “SARGAM” Enterprise, a non-profit charity in Kenya to raise funds for the disabled and to fiancé performances in East Africa by International Artists.


Recipient of the following Awards for fostering business with Uganda as a Uganda Envoy of Asian origin with S.E. Asian countries and Western World.


·         July 2014 Golden Jubilee Certificate received for UNATCO for appreciation for the work carried out at UNESCO, Paris.


·         AGOA 3 Action Committee for the outstanding contribution to the passage of the African Opportunity Act, Washington, DC, July 2014.


·         NRI Business Meet - Ahmedabad by Vishwa Gujarat Samaj, 11 January 2008


·         Fazila Corporation – January 2008 in Dhaka.


·         NRI Institute in India by Lord Khalid Hameed of UK, December 2008.


·         Uganda Investment Authority – Investor of the Year Award – Best High Commissioner of the Year in Kampala, 16 January 2009.


·         Smart Partnership Recognition + CPTM Board UK/Malaysia) July 2010.


·         NRI Pride of India Leadership Award – House of Lords, UK and 27 September 2010 by Baroness Verma for the enhancement of the first Asian-African Women High Commissioner


·         Certificate for passing the Regional Training on Treaty Law and Practice for Drug and Crimes, Human Trafficking and Human Rights.


·         Amity International Business School, Memorable Address 25-27 February 2009.



Water skiing, Snow skiing, flying, tennis, swimming, travelling and understanding peoples of the other cultures.


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